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    He wants to change the way the industry markets wine


  • Chris Lane

    The business will be developed and managed by Chris Lane, a Business Development and Marketing Strategist, Marketing veteran of Intel Corp, and Founder and former CEO of his most recent startup WineQuest LLC. Chris directed WineQuest to develop flavor matching technologies and launch a product that helped restaurants create wine lists and training programs to target non-experts, building the business in 4 years to $1.3M and leading them to become the top online training company in the hospitality industry.

    Chris has spent the last 5 years modifying the technologies and applications of flavor matching for retail, while developing a powerful, new wine retailing business model. These became the concept and plan for Flavor Wine Retail.

    Contact Chris for more information about Flavor Wine Retail
    Email: Chris@FlavorSF.com
    Ph: 415.377.9588