• Opportunity

    Meeting the buying needs of the vast majority of wine drinkers


  • Fewer than 15% of wine drinkers are Experts or Enthusiasts, people who know how to identify wines they will enjoy. Everyone else needs help.

  • Today’s wine information – labels, scores, tasting notes – means something to the enthusiast, but everyone else finds them confusing and not helpful.

  • In San Francisco city alone these “non-Enthusiast” consumers buy $230M of wine every year, mostly brands from large retailers.

  • Millennials are the fastest growing segment of wine consumers, and have accelerated a new trend to try lesser know wineries, varietals and regions. Think Malbec, Carmeniere, Rioja, Torrontes, Pinot Blanc.

  • The market is ripe for a retailer that makes it easy for these wine drinkers to identify and buy the wines they will most enjoy.