• Plan

    A clear path to launch


  • Raising $1M for buildout, startup and working capital.

  • Have identified the architecture firm Abueg-Morris and General Contractor Greg Alsterlind.

  • Once funded:
    ~ 3 months to identify a space
    ~ 9 months to develop the space
    ~ 7 months after launch to break-even

  • Modeled the time and cost after three similar concepts recently built in San Francisco and validated with the architects and GC.

  • Securing 20 units of $50K each in return for 35% of the company. Prioritizing and accelerating repayment of this initial capital.

  • Strike and Techel alcohol beverage law firm has structured the investment entity in a way that insulates it from the Retail liquor license, avoiding any potential tied house restrictions. So, for example, a winery owner or distributor can invest.

  • Validated with City Planning, the ABC, Sheriff, and Board of Supervisors that there are no real barriers to development and licensing.