• Solution

    Easily identify new wines you’ll like


  • We created an intuitive way for people to identify the wines in our shop that will taste good to them.

  • And within the shop is a lounge where you can try it and be impressed with our ability to match you with wines you’ll like.

  • Wines that share similar important flavor attributes are grouped together, and are headlined by a recognizable brand name wine that shares those attributes. If you like the brand you’ll like the rest.

  • “Oh, I like Kendall Jackson Chardonnay, so I guess I’ll like all the other wines below even though I’ve never heard of them.” Purely intuitive: no need to learn some new scheme, follow a chart or use a kiosk etc.

  • The groups are called Flavor Categories, and within each are a variety of prices, varietals, and regions to choose from, along with limited special deals and buying opportunities.

  • Our first choice is to open in Jackson Square, on the edge of the Financial District, home to both new and established restaurant and nightlife destinations, and zoned “Commercial” by the city for easier licensing.